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Structural Drying Service in Oregon City, OR

In the event of serious water damage to your home or business, time can be your best friend or worst enemy. Drywall and other building materials absorb a large amount of water that can often go unseen by the naked eye. It is this water that can eventually cause health concerns and structural damage. Immediate removal of this water prevents contamination of odors, microorganisms, and bacteria, ensuring the restoration of indoor air quality.

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ServPlus technicians have the necessary equipment and skills to quickly remove water and provide complete drying. Our goal? To get you back home or to work with as little interruption as possible and to limit the long-term damages to your property. Here are our processes:

Interior Home – takes around 3 days of drying time

  1. Extract
  2. Remove wet contaminants
  3. Drywall demolition
  4. Containments
  5. Drying chambers
  6. Set-up drying equipment
  7. Monitoring
  8. Hammer probe readings

Crawl Spaces – takes around 5-7 days of drying time

  1. Extract
  2. Remove wet insulation
  3. Remove & replace vapor barrier
  4. Hammer probe readings
  5. Containments
  6. Set-up drying equipment


  • Dehumidifiers
  • Industrial fans
  • HEPA air filtration

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