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FAQs For Serv Plus Immediate Response in Portland, OR

You can always learn more about the plumbers who are working for you, and some of the things that you should be calling a plumber for. If you want to know what the best frequently asked questions are from Serv Plus, we have done our best to compile the most valuable questions prospective customers ask us about their problems, and what we recommend you try before calling in a plumber.

How can I be sure I am getting the help I need?

ServPlus is a Bonded, Insured, and Certified Company with trained technicians who care!

Why do I ned to hire a professional?

There are particular steps taken in damage restoration. Trained technicians from ServPlus understand the steps & precautions necessary to protect you and your family. Our company has the equipment to get your job done right quickly and the first time!

What sets ServPlus apart from the other guys?

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day and approach each situation with professional compassion. Damage to your home can be stressful and unexpected. Our team works each day to restore your home and your peace of mind.

Who are the IICRC?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration is the industry standard setting organization that has certified each of ServPlus' technicians.

What should I avoid doing in the event of water damage to my home or business?

Avoid the Following actions:

-Do NOT use your home vacumm (Wet/Dry included)

-Do NOT use newspaper as an absorbent (the ink is readily transferable and can stain)

-Do NOT adjust indoor air temperatures unless instructed by your technician

-Do NOT enter any areas with standing water (there can be a risk of electrical shock)

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About ServPlus

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