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Crawl Space Cleaning in Portland, OR

The North West offers a variety of challenges. From in-climate weather that can cause damage to your home, to wildlife that can make your home their own, ServPlus has seen it all! We are a group of skilled, experienced technicians who will get the job done right and at the right price! Have an uninvited guest in your home or crawl space? Call the friendly representatives at ServPlus. Our technicians are happy to give that unwanted pest their eviction notice!

To schedule a cleaning or get a quote, give us a call at (503) 657-6000 today. We can't wait to get started—and neither should you.


Complete Crawl Space Cleaning Solutions

As a restoration and cleaning company, we offer comprehensive solutions to clean crawl spaces from top to bottom. We have the tools, technology, and expertise to deliver flawless results, no matter the size or scope of the job. Mold, mess, pests—whatever's in there, you can count on us to get rid of it for good.

We can help with:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Pest prevention and removal
  • Waste removal
  • Debris removal
  • Structural drying
  • ...and more

We develop personalized cleaning solutions tailored to each client's needs. Starting with an in-depth consultation, we'll work closely with you to develop a comprehensive action plan that gets your crawl space back to top form. We work with speed, diligence, and efficiency to ensure our services consistently meet the high standards for which we've come to be known. If you need your crawl space cleaned, look no further than ServPlus to do the job right. Contact us to get started today.

Protect Your Crawl Space from Pests

Pests making a mess of your home? We have you covered. Crawl spaces are one of the most common areas of infestation. Often overlooked, they're one of the last places we keep clean, eventually becoming a safe haven for all sorts of pesky invaders. Ensure your crawl space is clean and pest-free with our services. Through thorough inspections, diligent workmanship, and quality cleans, we make sure your crawl space poses no risk of infestation. That way, you can have the peace of mind you need to sleep safe and sound at night.

As a client, you can expect:

  • Prompt service
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Friendly customer care
  • Tailored service solutions
  • Competitive rates
  • Flawless results
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

Improve Air Quality, Minimize Moisture

Why get a professional to clean your crawl space? Besides eliminating pests, our services can help you improve air quality and reduce the risk of moisture damage. Narrow and confined, crawl spaces are often a breeding ground for mold from moisture. They also easily collect dust and other airborne pollutants, which can make their way into your ducts and affect your indoor air quality.

With our services, you can protect yourself against moisture damage, dust, and pollutants in one fell swoop. We work to mitigate moisture, remediate mold growth, and clean your air so that it's safe to breathe. Rest easy. Breathe easy. Contact ServPlus today.

Declutter Your Crawl Space

If you're looking to free up your crawl space, look no further—because we have you covered. Our crawl space cleaning services are a stellar choice for any homeowner or business owner who has a cluttered-up crawl space. Debris, waste, and other undesirables will over time make their way into your crawl spaces. We get rid of all such problems so that all areas of your building are clean and clutter-free.

Your Top Choice for Crawl Space Cleaning

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ServPlus is experienced and skilled in all matters of restoration. If you are in need of an area of service not mentioned within this website, please take a moment to call one of our informative representatives. They can offer you information and pricing on many alternative areas of restoration service!

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