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Crawl Space Cleaning

Have an uninvited guest in your home or crawl space? Call the friendly representatives at ServPlus. Our technicians are happy to give that unwanted pest their eviction notice! Learn More...

Debris Removal

When it comes to Debris Removal, ServPlus is known for their compassion, professionalism and care for our customer's possessions. Just look at what one satisfied client said about their service provider. Learn More...

Emergency Response

Providing emergency response clean-up to Oregon City, OR and the greater Portland area 24/7. Water restoration, sewage & mold damage, debris removal, carpet cleaning, & crawl space cleanup throughout Oregon. Learn More...

Mold Remediation Services

Are you dealing with a mold infestation in your home or business? Mold can lead to health risks and cause structural damage if left unchecked. ServPlus’s professional mold remediation services provide a comprehensive solution to safely and effectively eliminate mold, restore your property, and protect your well-being. Learn More...

Potential Contaminants

Utilizing Sanitization and Disinfecting techniques that include safe and effective products, you can count of ServPlus to protect your family and your investment. We are specialized and trained in the safe and ecologically-friendly methods of mold remediation and removal for Oregon homes. If your Portland metro home is suffering from different problems, whether it is simply unsightly or unwanted contaminants, trust ServPlus's removal technicians to clean it out safely and efficiently. Learn More...

Sewage Removal

Having a sewage problem is no joke or funny matter. There are a number of ill effects that can occur when you have a problem with the draining of garbage from the different pipes in your home that include foul smells and problems with the drains and disposals working. Learn More...

Structual Drying

In the event of serious water damage to your home or business, time will be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Drywall and other building materials absorb a large amount of water that can often times go unseen by the naked eye. Learn More...

Emergency Water Damage Services

Water damage can be devastating for both commercial and residential spaces. Although it might be tempting to address a minor issue yourself, it’s always crucial to contact a professional if you see any water damage in your home. Most property owners don’t have the right tools to address and prevent further issues from occurring in the event of water damage. Learn More...

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About ServPlus

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