Fire Damage Restoration in Beaverton

Fire damage restoration is a job that requires a mix of skill, caution and compassion. Even after a fire is extinguished, there are dangers within the affected building and so we recommend not dealing with it yourself and instead giving a professional a call as soon as possible.

With our combination of professionalism, prompt service, and great prices, you can count on ServPlus to help with your fire damage restoration needs, restoring your structure to safety and getting life back to normal.

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Experienced Fire Damage Restoration Professionals

We’re an experienced team of fire damage restoration experts. We have a long history of helping clients bring their fire-damaged homes and properties back to livable or workable condition. You can trust our experience in the field because our past success assures you that we can handle even the most intensive restoration job.

Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of fire damage. No matter the extent of the destruction you’re dealing with, you can depend on us to help you through this difficult time. As experienced fire damage restoration professionals, we understand what you’re going through. We’ll show up on time, makes a quick assessment of the situation, communicate our findings to the affected parties, and get to work.

Depending on whether the fire was major or minor, our response to the damage may look slightly different. Here is more information about how we react to varying scales of fire damage.

Minor Fires

While there really is no such thing as a minor fire, when it comes to how a fire affects your life, there are smaller fires that do not cause structural damage. In fact, some families choose to stay in a home that has experienced only minor damage.

It’s important to understand that in situations such as this, it is still imperative to call fire restoration services within 72 hours so irreparable damage is not done by corrosive byproducts. Prior to our arrival, air out the building to reduce smoke odor and clean any fixtures that could tarnish.

Avoid touching anything with your bare hands and don’t attempt to wash anything or use electrical appliances. Improper cleaning can compound soot residue, and electrical appliances could be damaged in ways not immediately apparent.

Major Fires

In the case of a major fire, you will not be staying in your home. Once you’ve evacuated the property, call ServPlus, no matter what time it is. Our team is on call at all hours during the entire year to best help Beaverton residents. Once told the extent of the fire, we can come by your property to make a full assessment and initiate a game plan for fire, water and smoke damage remediation.

Your first concern aside from your home will be that of your belongings. When considering replacement or restoration we will analyze the effect smoke, heat and water had on them, their value, possible decreased life expectancy and of course sentimental value.

The most common causes of house fires are:

  • Cooking equipment
  • Portable heaters and fans
  • Smoking
  • Faulty electrical equipment
  • Candles

While natural causes like wildfires, lightning and even earthquakes are not among the top culprits, they tend to be the reasons for the largest scale damage.

If something within your home initiated the fire, it is important to not blame yourself.

Initial Fire Damage Assessment

Whether the damage you’ve called us in to fix is from a major or minor fire, we still need to make a detailed assessment of your space before we get to work. Once we show up, we’ll begin evaluating the structure's integrity and checking for any hazards that aren’t immediately obvious. In many cases of fire damage, the damage is interior and exterior. We’ll begin our inspection with the outside of your property and work our way in.

As we make our assessment, we’ll take down detailed notes to develop a straightforward plan of attack. We make such a great effort throughout the inspection process because many parts of your home can become dangerous in the event of a fire. Your electrical wiring may have been compromised, as well as your ventilation systems or any other essential building component. Once we understand the extent of your damage, we’ll begin the work of restoring your building to its former condition.

Fire Damage Repair in Beaverton

The first step in restoring your property is clearing away all the impacted parts that are too damaged to fix and need to be completely reconstructed. Once we have a solid foundation for the work, we begin rebuilding the essential components, working our way up to restoring your fixtures, wall surfaces, flooring, and more. You can trust our team to be thorough in this process as we’ve become known as one of the most trustworthy fire damage repair companies in the Beaverton area. Take advantage of this expertise if you have fire damage, and you’ll ensure your property is returned to peak condition.

If you need help from our trusted team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re available 24/7 to help.

Finishing the Restoration

When we say ‘finishing,’ we’re not just talking about completing the job quickly—the final touches on our work will be flawless. As restoration experts, you can count on us to help you feel at home in your space once again. We’ll ensure your space looks as good as new, if not better, by the time we finish.

You’ll be glad you chose us to help you when we’re done and you’re looking around your newly restored building. We understand that you’re in a crisis when you need our help, so we work hard to guarantee that your choice when under pressure is the right one. We’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable throughout the process as we bring your property back into its proper condition.

The ServPlus Promise

Quality, skilled workmanship and compassionate communication are our promises to any residents of Beaverton currently looking for the fire damage restoration company who can be of the most help in this difficult time.

Through years of experience we have built up the skill and knowledge to handle any situation, small or large, and are available any time of the day or night to take your call.

Remember, making contact with a fire restoration company near you as quickly as possible after the disaster takes place is the most important thing you can do following a fire. Call ServPlus for a team you can rely on.