Gallery | Serv Plus of Portland, OR

If you have ever wondered what would be a case to call a plumber like Serv Plus, let us give you some examples of the different plumbing emergencies that we are called in to deal with in our gallery here for you to look through.  We do everything from fixing overflowing toilets and backed up pipes, to clearing out crawl spaces when pipes have burst.  There is a lot that can go wrong your house with the various sewage and water lines, and knowing there is a company that can help you handle these problem, whether you live in Portland or one of the towns around it, can be a life-saver.  If not literally, then at least we will make your house cleaner and more sanitary to live in.

See some of our best before and after photos here, and if you can relate to any of these plumbing problems, call 866-861-3011 to get someone who can fix them for you.

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